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Are Your Trees Ready For Storm Season?

Are Your Trees Ready For Storm Season? Most people like their trees with the leaves on. A trained arborist likes to see them in the raw – so to speak. Aside from their naked beauty, it is much easier to view the structure of the tree and its branches. This is a big... read more

It’s "JUST" Tree Work!

It’s “JUST” Tree Work! “It’s just tree work!” That’s what a homeowner’s response was after I handed him his proposal. He felt that the cost was way to much for the services I was offering. Little did he know of all the cost that are incurred in owning a professional... read more

A Little Spring TLC

A Little Spring TLC Spring is just around the corner and with another year of historic storms behind us (hopefully) it’s time to give your trees some well deserved T.L.C. Many arborvitaes, boxwoods and other evergreens received a fair amount of damage due to heavy... read more

Benefits of Winter Tree Work for Your Trees & Your Wallet

Benefits of Winter Tree Work for Your Trees & Your Wallet Now that winter is here and the holidays are over, it’s a good time to think trees. Winter months provide us with a good opportunity  to visually assess trees and perform work. With the absence of leaves,... read more

Welcome to Our Website!

OUR NEW SITE! Welcome to our new site. We founded The Tree Company on the premise that customers want fair value, trusted advice and professional arborist service delivered by people that care about their job. Chris Herold & I, Bill Harwood, have over 30 years of... read more