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A Little Spring TLC

Spring is just around the corner and with another year of historic storms behind us (hopefully) it’s time to give your trees some well deserved T.L.C. Many arborvitaes, boxwoods and other evergreens received a fair amount of damage due to heavy snow this winter. These shrubs and trees can be heavily pruned now, to help the plants quickly recover with new growth and avoid the negative appearance often seen with this type of pruning. Trees can now be braced or cabled to support weak branch unions, thinned of old growth, storm damage and pruned for proper structure. Larger trees that may have sustained damage not visible from the ground or an untrained eye, can be addressed before they advance further by reducing or pruning back heavy limbs and structural leaders.

Once the snow is gone and the ground is workable, removal of leaf litter and debris from underneath trees is very important; dogwoods, crabapples, and sycamores are particularly susceptible to fungal problems. This removal will also help by reducing habitat for insects and diseases. Thinning of ornamentals will increase air circulation and light penetration, which aid in increased plant health.

Help root systems thrive by minimizing soil compaction and keep the weed whackers at bay by mulching under trees and shrubs. More is not better in this case though! Keep mulch light around the trunks, a proper mulch ring should resemble a saucer, helping to divert water onto the root system. It should not look like a volcano, piled high around the base of the tree. Doing so creates an environment conducive to a secondary root system that can cause girdling roots and other negative associated conditions. Overall, mulch helps retain soil moisture, maintain consistent soil temperatures and will naturally put back needed nutrients into the soil.

Not sure where to begin? Contact your local Connecticut licensed arborist to discuss your trees and develop a plan that fits your needs and budget.





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