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Are Your Trees Ready For Storm Season?

Most people like their trees with the leaves on. A trained arborist likes to see them in the raw – so to speak. Aside from their naked beauty, it is much easier to view the structure of the tree and its branches. This is a big help in determining a tree’s susceptibility to storm damage and its potential risk to your home and property.

Here are a few things we look for:

  • Decay in the trunk or branches for potential of failure
  • Risk to homes, roofs, parked cars, power lines or other targets
  • Asymmetrical or over leveraged canopies and limbs which can lead to failure in high winds or ice storms
  • Branch angles which may indicate poor limb attachment 
  • Branches that rub together and may contribute to points of entry for diseases and or insects

With late fall heavy rains and potential ice and snow on the way – it is a perfect time to have an arborist assess your trees. Pruning or tree removal before damage occurs is both more convenient and usually less expensive. It is also less disruptive to your landscape. Give us a call now to make sure your trees are even more beautiful – (and still there!) next spring.




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