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Benefits of Winter Tree Work for Your Trees & Your Wallet

Now that winter is here and the holidays are over, it’s a good time to think trees.

Winter months provide us with a good opportunity  to visually assess trees and perform work. With the absence of leaves, tree structure and overall branch architecture can allow for proper pruning and removal of dead wood in the trees canopy. Proper structure can be established in younger trees, including fruit trees.

Colder temperatures and frozen ground allow us to move equipment closer to the work area,  sometimes not accessible during warmer months. Faster clean ups and less impact on the landscape can reduce overall costs. Perennial and annual landscaping beds, the trees in these areas can be pruned or removed more efficiently with lesser obstacles.

Dormant pruning on trees can encourage better tree response, with minimal insect and disease presence.
Let it snow! We have the right equipment to properly and safely work on your trees, no matter what the weather. Winter, Spring , Summer or Fall… all you got to do is call… The Tree Company, LLC.





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